Thursday, July 7, 2011

True Insanity

My friend owns Arma-Rose Sequester. The OCs in this are not the actual
representations of our OCs.


It is a Thursday. And Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant are
randomly standing around on the sidewalk, for no conceivable reason.
And then all of a sudden, a boy with stupid hair appears next to them.
A red-haired girl is standing behind him, twisting his arms behind his
back. Another girl, this one with green and pink hair has his shoulder
in a death grip. Skulduggery and Valkyrie stared. The girls smile,
releasing Fletcher.
"Um," says Valkyrie. The green-and-pink haired girl snorts. "Um to you
too!" she says. "I'm Arma-Rose, but you can call me Arma. You must be
Val and Skul."
Skulduggery tilts his head slightly. "Do we know you? How do you
know our names?"
"Oh, that's easy," said Arma. "From the boo-" She is silenced by the
redhead, who claps a hand over Arma's mouth. "Shut up!" she says.
"You're breaking the fourth wall!" She turns to the two detectives.
"Hullo! I'm Everisse, but you can call me Ev!" She looks them over.
"Are you two together yet?"
At this, Valkyrie turns a rather peculiar shade of scarlet, and
Skulduggery clears his throat. Arma frees herself by biting Everisse's
hand. "No way!" Arma shouts, and all of a sudden, Billy-Ray Sanguine
is standing right near them, looking faintly confuzzled. "VALGUINE!"
shouts Arma, and everyone stares at her. "VALDUGGERY!" replies
Everisse. "VALGUINE!"
The three canon characters look on with a mix of confusion,
annoyance and amusement. Sanguine coughs loudly, and the two girls
break off their shouting to look at him. "We're right here, ya know,"
he says. The two girls are silent for a minute, then pick up where
they left off.
"... What?"
"Uh. Nothing."

There is silence for a moment. Then everyone spontaneously combusts.



  1. *posts giant VALDUGGERY sign over blog*

  2. I dont know you that well, but I absouloutley LOVED this post xD